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Brian, Antonio, and Ben are in a new band called Thin Fevers. Please check it out. The World tour video titled "Congratulations On Your Impending Geography" should be out this year. Brian has been working on for freaking forever and its almost done.



Phoenix Bodies
will have copies of a very limited DVD-R of our Summer Slam set from last summer's tour. Work on a feature length documentary continues. They will also have a bunch of other Mara'Akate merchandise.




For those not in the know, Mara'Akate is no longer. We have been no longer since August. Or longer than that, since the decision was made last spring.

Regardless, we are all still friends, and Derek and Colin are in a band called Phoenix Bodies. We still have CDs, LPs, and t-shirts, and will more than likely have them forever. Brian is currently working on a short film featuring the band and their cohorts from their summer tour in Europe.

Thanks to everyone for everything ever.




We still have some merchandise left from tour. Please email if you are interested.



Our last show was amazing. Thanks to eveyone who came to it. Roberta, Giuilio, Niels, and Ferry for coming from so far. We still have some merch left, so ask for it if you want it. I will post some video of our last show sometime soon.



I nearly forgot, the collection CD "A Significant Portion of Our Discography" is out now, available from us and Heroine Records. We also still have tour ten inches left and some shirts, so let us know if you want anything.


Tour is over. Thank you to Andre, Chris "The Highwayman", Boris, Ralf, all of the people who did shows for us, all of the people who cooked food for us, all die kleine hunds, all of the bands we played with, LADS, Off Minor, Crowpath, The Now Denial.

Not so much thanks to PAWNS, Ralf's bass cabinet, Slovenian currency, the elderly hookers, The Border Broads...

If you would like to order a copy of our "Tour only" split ten inch with Rep Seki, they are availabe at The Pleasure Syndicate (Germany), and Heroine Records (Italy).


Okay, aparently the Video player is not working for everyone, so I am scrapping it. This, however, is part of our set from Summer Slam, and it should work:

Mara'Akate, live @ Summer Slam in Bliekskastel, Germany



We are in Portchester, and I had some time. come back often and check out the player for small clips from our exploits.



ALLRIGHT! First show of tour CANCELLED. Off to a good start again.

Watch this.

We will have a limited edition split ten inch with rep seki while we are in Europe.



We have left for tour. Antonio Lieriao (Usurp Synapse, I am The Resurection, The State Secedes, The Romance Morgue) will be joining us on the road in Josh's place, as he could not make the trip.



Gearing up for tour. All the dates we know of are posted. We recently recorded three songs wich will appear on a very limited split with Rep Seki. I believe there are rough mix mp3s floating around.

You will also notice that all of those photgraphs are gone. You snooze, you loose.

Oh, and I guess it was never mentioned, but Ben Traub is our new drummer.



Oh, and by the way, the new ep is out.



Shows page has been updated with some new dates for Europe. There are still a few open dates.



Working on the euro-tour. If anyone knows where we can get some equipment for cheap in Germany, let us know. We will treat it good. Actually, never mind, just get us tickets to Euro-disney.



Pictures from the show we played on the 18th are up. Click here.


Tour photos are up. Click here to view them.


I will most likely post those photos sometime, I seemed to have temporarily misplaced them.


Lots of new photos soon, I took down the ones from tour because they are a bit too big. look for more of that stuff soon.

1/05/03 :

The Story So far...


December 28th...We roll into Columbus with nothing to lose and find out no one is at the show. Not a good start, but we a good place to stay and some fun in the desereted college area of town.

We actually saw a pirate.


December 29th...New Brunswick, NJ.
For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to borrow more amps from another band tonight. Not that good of an idea. The show was a little rough since it was our first show with Alex playing drums, and we were way too loud


December 30th...Riverdale, MD
Good show. Yet another house show. Good sound, good food, good music store. BAM!


December 31st...New Brunswick, NJ.
Back again in the home state of Jon Bon Jovi. A good, fun show, but still no love for the two lonely hearts...namely, me and Alex.


January 1st...Long Island, NY
An interesting show. Probably the most hardcore show we have played so far. Kid Gorgeous (ex Buried Alive) played, kids bought their stuff and were a little confuse by us I think, but who cares...we saw BRUCE and Adam and Jeremy and it was all worth while.


January 2nd...Storrs, CT
Probably the best show yet. An incredible amount of fun playing for kids who actually came to see us. I am now hiding in a room away from the 20 people staying in this tiny college apartment.


January 3rd...Rochester, NY
Well, not exactly, we actually hit a pretty bad snow storm and holed up in a motel for the night. ON TO CLEVELAND!


More photos soon.


1/01/03 :

Happy New Year from New York! More pictures soon. They are something.


12/17/02 :

Things are working out quite nicely with Alex, our new drummer, but we still need a van for tour, so if you want drive us or lend us your van, please email us. Just come with us, it will be fun.


12/10/02 :

U R G E N T ! !

We are in dire need of someone with a running van to be our roadie/driver on our tour. It appears that Phil will not be coming with us, and Alex (formerly of Subsist) will be filling in on drums. This means we have no transportation. Please email if you are our man.


12/07/02 :

We now have the LP version of our new record. Please email to order. They are eight dollars postage paid.

Revival Fest was a BLAST! Hooray for event planning.


12/02/02 :

Winter tour dates have been posted. We're heading to New York and back. If you live in our path, come to the show and buy our new record.


11/20/02 :

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11/17/02 :

If you came to the show in Muncie last night, thank you. I think we were all sick. I know I was.


11/11/02 :

New site launched today. Hooray!


11/09/02 : YOW!

The LP is at the plant and should be here soon. We are the slowest thing in the world right now, I apologize. The CD is being finished up now, but the release date for that is still a mystery.


7/30/02 : The record is almost done. If you live in the USA, it will be available on compact disc from One Day Savior Records and a one sided LP from Alone Records. There will also European versions of the records released through Crucificados (Germany) and Heroine (Italy) as split seven inches with louise cyphre and the apoplexy twist orchestra.

We are also planning to tour Europe next summer. We will more than likely tour a little in the US before we leave.


6/10/02 : Well, we played a show this past Friday. It went very well. Much fun. If you got one of those comps that Kurt put out, and you don't want it, then give it to me because we gave them all away and I don't have one.


5/21/02 : Recording went well. We have yet to mix and add vocals. It is going to kill you. It will be released as a CD-ep on One Day Savior Recordings and more than likely someone else will put out the vinyl.

5/16/02 : We practiced last week and it went surprisingly well. We will be recording this weekend. We have some songs.

5-01-02 : Woo hoo. Two weeks and we will have a new record recorded. Does anyone read this stuff?

Tenative titles for our new record include, but are not limited to :

Mara'Akate : "9 months"
Mara'Akate :
"We put the iron in irony"
Mara'Akate : "Booty Call"

3-29-02 : We are practicing and recording Maybe even playing another show. Keep posted. We really want to sign to Capitol Records. I keep emailing Thom Yorke and trying to get that GooglyMinotaur thing to put him on, but it never happens. We are tenatively recording on May 18th. We are nothing if not ironic.

3-29-02 : We have practiced a few more times. We remembered the songs. Hopefully now we can record them. Colin and Phil and our friend Zach are in a new band.

2-19-02 : We practiced last Saturday in Muncie. It went pretty well. We wrote a new song. All Plans are still tenative.

2-3-02 : Please do not order anything from Brian anymore. Most everything is spoken for. If you really really need something, email

1-10-02 : No new news really, once again there are rumors of us getting back together. Colin and I have been talking about releasing a split of really boring instrumental stuff they have been doing. I am going to visit Clint and Phil tomorrow. Hurrah.


12-24-01 : Merry Christmas. I just updated the merch page. Just RaceBannon splits and "3-7-77" Records left now. Get 'em while their hot. Here is my new address, I moved:

Brian Wyrick
6713 Gateshead Lane 1B

Indianapolis, IN 46220

I updated my website, it is at The Romance Morgue is going out on tour again, for details. I talked to Phil. He is a new band called Don't Shoot...I'm with God. I don't know what Josh and Colin are doing, but Clint is moving to Switzerland.

11-06-01 : Oh, by the way, we have Race Bannon splits now. Please order them from me. They are 4 dollars. Do not complain. They were 3 dollars to make. Send me five bucks and I will send you that and some other goodies. One dollar for postage. You know the drill.

Brian Wyrick
5727 Ralston Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46220

10-11-01 : Keeping the dream alive. The Romance Morgue is going on tour in November. Go see them. The Racebannon splits are being shipped as I type. Buy one from us so we can pay off our debts please. Send me money now and I will send it to you the day I get them. Send me five bucks and I will send you a copy of the record and a bunch of stickers and pencils. I know it sounds steep, but they were costly to make, eh?

Brian Wyrick
5727 Ralston Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46220

08-21-01 : An update, just in case anyone comes to this site ever. The Fable split is now out of print. Just so you know. Also, word on the street is that Phil may have come around and we may be recording the last stuff we wrote soon. Derek is going to college now, Colin and Josh are still in college, no one knows what has happened to Phil, we think he might be one of the drummers in Slipknot now, Clint is going to Law school or something, Brian is still working at Papa John's and playing in the Romance Morgue with Antonio from Usurp, Chris from Race Bannon, Jeremy from Upheaval, Billy from Khmer Rouge and Sam. I, the other Brian, am currently unemplyed save a day at a comic book store, and am residing in Indianapolis in the home of the stars.

06-23-01 : I went to the Locust show. I am happy that I will never again have to go to another show that we were supposed to play. Still no word from Phil about recording. If you are mad that we broke up or want to hear our last stuff, please call Phil. His phone number is 219-246-0971. Just leave a message after the robot talks. Please email Josh if you want to order anything.

05-23-01 : We are done. Sorry. We're just another one of those lame bands that breaks up right when things are getting good. Check back I guess to see if we ever record our last / best songs.

05-20-01 : Woo hoo. We are back allready. Big surprise. One of us had a death in the family, so we returned home after our awesome Columbus show with Oblongota. Those kids are awesome. Go to skylab and bid on all our merch. We are selling huge lots of it. We're pretty in debt.

We are going to try to play this wednesday with Race Bannon, Helen of Troy, and I Am the Resurection in Bloomington at Mike Dixon's house and then do some recording the next day. We will probably put that stuff out on OneDaySavior, and hopefully play what will more than likely be our last show June 21st with the Locust.

05-18-01 : Leaving for "tour" later today. Updated list with venues and stuff. Sorry we had to bail on all the good shows. We will have limited edition tour mini-cdrs featuring our stuff from our upcoming split with Racebannon as well as some unreleased stuff. We have new shirts, buttons, and an ungodly amount of pencils.

04-14-01 : Shows page = updated again; only this time the tour info is updated with some dates confirmed. We still want gold dollars.

04-11-01 : Shows page = updated. If you come see us on tour, please help us get some booty by bringing us your gold dollars. We have a treasure chest to fill.

03-19-01 : There are some interviews of us available in a few zines these days. They can all be accesseced online. An interview from Circvs Fest 2000 is at Silver Star Zine. There is an interview we did over aol instant messenger just recently at Fine Print Magazine. If you are really desperate for some Mara'Akate reading, you can read the interview Josh and Brian did with Kurt Morris at the 1999 Circvs in the archives of Action Attack Helicopter.

We just played our first show with our new line - up Saturday at Josh and Brian's house with Waifle, Pg. 99, Anabel Lee, and the Suteck Conspiracy. It went really well. Thanks for coming if you did, and if you didn't we will be playing again on the 23rd at the Volcano Room in Indy.

Race Bannon has recorded for our split, so hopefully we will be getting that taken care of soon. We are trying to write for the cd right now, hopefully we can get that done before tour. We have posted our tenative tour schedule on the shows page, so if you can help us out please email us.

We have some new members now. Brian Allen is playing bass now, and Derek Black is our "extra dude." We have been practicing as much as possible, teaching them the old songs we still like and trying to write new ones for the upcoming cd/10" on OneDaySavior.

Here's a review from HeartattaCk issue #28 of the "3-7-77" 7" (Redwood Records):

"Five tracks of that Hoosier Hell's Gate style blood-raw screamo you've come to expect outta Usurp Synapse or Racebannon and all their friends. Mara'akate raise the bar a bit with a mess of cleanly-assembled, really adventurous sound collages that hold the tracks together and make me wonder what this band will be doing with a year or two more's worth of maturity and ingenue under their studded white vegan belts. Excellent clean recording, but it's all over too quickly."

there are still mp3s available for download at the split with usurp synapse has been postponed. also available for download is a video from a show in souix falls, sd during our short tour this past summer.

clint has left the band due to time constraints. we are currently bassless.

upcoming releases:

race bannon | mara'akate split record [ the electric human project ]
mara'akate cd-ep | 10" [ one day savior records ]
usurp synapse | mara'akate split record [ level plane records ] [postponed]